Dixie Grill and Bar

Establishment Information

Dixie Grill & Bar is one of the most unique restaurants around. Another distinctive creation by Richard Preefer and Jay Preefer, who have previously brought A Bit of Nostalgia, The Bowery, Rod & Gun, The Hut and The Palm Beach Ale House to Palm Beach County. Each place has held antiques and collectibles that the brothers have personally collected throughout the years. Antiques have always been a part of each restaurant, as the brothers have been collectors since the days they were in law school. The hobby supplemented their income to get through school and has become something they continue to do because they just enjoy it.

Just one of the antique highlights from the restaurant that started it all, A Bit of Nostalgia, was The Carousel—an antique, working carousel with its own dining room to sit and savor your dinner while slowing rotating around to view the whole room every 18 minutes. Pieces like this give each restaurant their own particular style and significance.

Dixie Grill & Bar is no exception to the restaurants that have come before it. The interior of the restaurant is filled with pieces of the past that have taken over fifty years to find, usually reminding many patrons of their childhood in the south Florida area. Both Richard and Jay would be able to tell you a short history of each item on the wall, from the pedal cars to the old Florida paintings, to the humorous wooden signs that fill any gaps that dare show a piece of the bare wall.

It is common to see either, if not both, of the twin brothers in the restaurant, since they are working owners who like to meet their patrons and provide personal customer care to ensure each individual has a pleasant time while visiting.