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We feature Hot Spots throughout Plam Beach County. These are places we know, have been nominated to us by our community or featured at the request of the establishment.

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      We take our Hot Spots seriously and so should you. In order to keep rankings real and impartial we require you to signup or login with Facebook before you mark your Hot Spots. Joining Best Hot Spots also keeps you updated on the newest places to be in PBC.

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      Show your support for a Hot Spot by clicking the "Mark It" button on the right side of the page. The number displayed shows you how many other people have recommended it to our community.

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      Hot Spots knows that not every night is the same. Weather you are looking for a five star dinner, a great seafood lunch spot or just a place to grab drink we've got you covered. View rankings in multiple categories to find you the perfect spot.

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      Don't see your favorite Hot Spot already listed? We would love to hear from you. Click on the Nominate button in the footer and fill in the information requested. If your spot makes the cut you will see your nomination featured in the coming weeks.

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    Hot Spots is devoted to finding and sharing the best places to go in Palm Beach County. You show your support by marking your favorite places and we compile that information into easy to sort ranking lists. The more marks on the pages the higher the ranking, it's that simple.

    Our rankings lists can be filtered by location (Norther Plam Beach County, Southern Palm Beach County, Central Palm Beach County and Western Palm Beach County) as well as by type of experience.

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