Our Experience

For a great and original European dining experience Hullabaloo is a must try. We strolled in one night after a late night of work and were extremely pleased with the quality and ambiance they had to offer. As it was our first experience we tried a number of things from the menu. To start we had a roast beef and roasted mushroom pizza with caramelized onions and melted mozz over the top, an original creation from their chef. Never thought of a combination like that on a pizza but they all worked harmoniously together. Wanting to try one of their bites we ordered the crispy brussel sprouts which were cooked with perfect caramelization. These poppers melted in your mouth while the roasted pine nuts added a nice additional texture. As it was our first time we decided to split three entrees so we could taste a variety of what they had to offer. Our choices were the Crusted Almond Dolphin on Special with spinach and creamy corn palenta, the Roasted Pork and Porcini Risotto, and the classic Hullabaloo Burger. All three dishes were amazing and we were unable to determine our favorite between the Crusted Almond Dolphin and the Hullabaloo Burger. We do have to say if you are a burger fanatic its a must try. Accompanied by gorgonzola, bacon, and pickled red onions the flavor simply explodes in your mouth. If dinner wasn’t enough we couldn’t hold back and not try their dessert. Again we were far from disappointed. We ordered both the Tiramasu and the Bread Pudding and could not decide on a clear cut favorite. As one of the new hot spots in Palm Beach County, we highly recommend visiting this trendy establishment.