Los Parceros Colombian Food

After hearing about good this place was from some friends and seeing people check in here on Facebook I figured I had to give it a try. Located off Okeechobee Blvd. right near the Turnpike Los Parceros is a must try. With such an extensive menu I must admit I was a bit intimidated and unsure of what to order. I met with the owner who schooled me on traditional Colombian fast food. She explained that street vendors thought Columbia typically go overboard with condiments on all the food. That is the way the people like it and thus that is the way it is served! I ordered a hot dog and a burger but they were anything but traditional. The hot dog had melted cheese and bacon on it and the hamburger in addition to the many sauces even had shredded chicken on it. The burger was certainly “saucy” and made me feel like a drunken David Hasselhoff. As messy as it was it just may have been the best burger I have ever had. The empanada’s are also a must try!