Who We Are

Hot Spots is a company on a mission to showcase Palm Beach County’s best food, coolest drinks, and most incredible social experiences. For years, the restaurant industry has been plagued with poor portrayals on bogus review platforms and star rating websites. In the past, one bad customer experience could be exploited online and completely destroy a restaurant’s reputation. As a result, Hot Spots was created to help in exposing the hottest places to go in Palm Beach County. With the passion and dedication from our team, Hot Spots is quickly becoming the go-to publication for the best that Palm Beach County has to offer.

Why we started this:

Working with restaurants for years we realized how many bogus reviews were being made on sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google. We were looking for a way to positively promote these restaurants without any false representation. My goal is to have people go to these places for what is good about them, not to be deterred because of something bad that may have happened

Have fun experiencing the best Palm Beach County has to offer!